Codewolf Systems Inc.

I’m an old school gamer that plays new, old, and little known games on multiple platforms (PC, PS4, XBox) I also like to review games that are on sale or free to play to introduce my viewers to games they may miss. I’m a huge RPG game fan but also play a lot of FPS, and run & gun games as well. Join me for some laughs, game lore, streaming talk, technology, and gear discussions.

Uhhhh.... #SkyNet #RobotApocalypse

This is not a drill​

play the @Halo Infinite multiplayer beta RIGHT NOW and keep your progress on launch day: | #Xbox20

New world's marketplace is currently broken and taken offline. This is game breaking. I hope it is corrected soon.
#newworldgame #NewWorldMMO #newworldbroken

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